Visiting Medical Services

Accredited exercise physiology

AEP’s are allied health professionals who use movement and exercise to help with the prevention and management of chronic disease and injuries.


Audiology is the allied health profession devoted to hearing and balance.


The Cardiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in blood vessels, the heart, and the cardiovascular system. Conditions treated by a cardiologist include heart attacks, heart murmurs, coronary heart disease and hypertension.

Diabetes education

A diabetes educator will help you learn what diabetes is and how you can manage it.


Dietitians help people understand the relationship between food and health A dietitian will help you come up with a healthy eating plan and practical solutions that suit you and your family.

Occupational therapist for adults

An occupational therapist can help you continue to do all the things you want or need to do each day. An occupational therapist can help keep you as independent as you want by offering practical ideas to keep you safe.

Occupational therapist for children

An occupational therapist can help your child with daily tasks. Occupational therapy can help with your child’s physical, cognitive, sensory, and motor skills so they can grow and develop as best they can.


Optometrists help you to see things clearer and keep your eyes deadly.


Physiotherapists help people of all ages manage a variety of health conditions. They use a client-centred approach and will encourage you to take part in your own recovery and care.


Podiatry is the allied health service devoted to keeping your feet deadly. Podiatrists specialise in preventing and managing problems with the foot, ankle, and lower leg so that you can keep comfortable, mobile, and independent.

Respiratory Nurse

Our Respiratory Nurse can assist patients that suffer from both acute and chronic respiratory illnesses, including bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, emphysema, and lung cancer.

Speech therapy for adults

Speech Pathology can help your family member to communicate, understand, and safely swallow food and drinks.

Speech therapy for children

Speech pathology can help your child to talk and understand you better. A speech pathologist can work with your child to help their speech and language development as well as help their eating, reading, and spelling skills.

Yulu-Burri-Ba Aboriginal Corporation for Community Health acknowledges the Quandamooka people as the traditional custodians of the lands and seas where we work. Yulu-Burri-Ba also pays respects to Elders, past, present and future.

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